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A cyclist in the Philippines was filmed riding straight into a bus.

“Keep your eyes on the road at all times” is generally the first and perhaps the most important lesson for all drivers. Unfortunately, this man in the Philippines does not seem to have gotten the memo. Dashcam footage has captured the moment a bicyclist rode his bike straight into a bus on a busy road. The bicyclist, apparently not paying attention to where he was going, rode sideways into the bus and staggered as the larger vehicle sped away without stopping. He was filmed struggling to keep his balance and not fall down after bumping into the bus.

Luckily, he managed to keep his balance and avoided any serious injuries. The incident occurred in Quezon city in the Philippines on Friday.

In a one-minute clip shared by ViralHog, the cyclist was filmed riding with a group of three to four other cyclists. While one of them indicated with his left hand before changing lanes, the unnamed cyclist was filmed looking the other way as he drove. He came to regret his mistake pretty soon as the he bumped into the bus.

In the video, the cyclist was seen stopping to pick something up from the road before continuing on his journey, apparently uninjured.

However, viewers on social media were less than impressed to see that he attempted – once again – to merge lanes without looking after the near-miss.

“Then proceeds to again merge without looking, can’t believe he has lasted this long…” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

“Wow that was too close!! Could have been much much worse,” said another.